Makeup 101: My Favourite Bridal Beauty Looks

When it comes to makeup on your wedding day you want to be able to look back 10 or 20 years from now without any regrets. I always recommend that brides choose classic and timeless looks. Save the bright shimmery shades for any other day or better yet your bachelorette party! Whether you’re looking for a look to show the makeup artist or doing your own makeup, here are some beautiful looks that are easy to re-create and beautiful year after year.


1940’s inspired beautiful bride Christine
1. Classic Old Hollywood: This is one of my favourite looks that never goes out of style and one of the easiest to re-create. It’s all about defined brows, flawless skin, bold lips, and flirty eyes. Prep skin with a primer to keep makeup on longer.Your foundation should last long and not look powdery or caked on. Your skin should look radiant and fresh and not shiny and oily looking. Use concealer only where needed: under eye, around the nose, and obvious blemishes. Set with a loose powder and touch up shiny skin with blotting papers throughout the day.

Use an eye primer or base before applying shadow so that it will not crease or fade. Use shadow colours in light shades like champagne, silver or taupe. Apply a water-proof liner in black, winging out optional. Finish off the eyes with lots of waterproof mascara from and fake lashes. To define the brows, use a slanted brush and brow powder for a natural effect.

For blush, you want to add a little more for photos because you don’t want to look too pale. Go for neutral tones in browny pinks, bronze or rose. This look is all about a strong, bold lip in red. And since this can get messy with all the kissing you’ll be doing you want to make sure it stays put. If you’d prefer a lipstick then make sure to get a lip liner to prevent the colour from bleeding. If the red is too strong for you opt for more berry-reds or reds in a sheer form. For even more kiss-proof lips try a lipstick sealer.


Photo Source:
2. Youthful but Classic: This is today’s version of the Classic look just more youthful and softer. The brows are still softly defined, skin is still flawless but is slightly luminescent, the eyes are warmer and not as defined, cheeks are rosier, and lips have a pop of colour but in sheerer tones of red and are not strongly defined. Use a nice gold shadow on the lid and in corner of eyes. Smudge a brown shadow into the upper lash line and outer crease. Load on the waterproof mascara and add some falsies to the outer corner. Sweep a soft pink powder blush onto the cheek. Finish the look off with a juicy pout in a bright pink, berry or strawberry red. Be sure to line lips in a corresponding shade to prevent feathering or bleeding but blend really well with a lip brush so it does not look too defined. Wearing a lip primer is a good idea as this will also keep your lip colour on all day.

Classic beauty Caitlin
3. Classic Bridal Beauty: This is a look that looks good on almost anyone and can be used any time of the day. Everything about this look is very polished from the brows to the lips. Brown tones on the eyes, peach or pink rosy cheeks and a peach or pink pout. For Caitlin’s peaches ‘n cream complexion and auburn hair, peach tones complemented her skin tone the most. The eyes are strong and defined but not overly dramatic. The key is to concentrate most of the colour on the outer part of the eye rather than all over. Another classic element to this look are blushing cheeks. To give Caitlin that “blushing bride” effect, I layered a peach cream blush underneath a peachy-pink powder blush. I defined the lips with a peach lip liner, a creamy peach lipstick, and a touch of a shimmer peachy-pink gloss in the middle of her lips. 

Smokey, dramatic and flirty Lauren
4. Smokey & Dramatic: A smokey eye can be good when it’s done right and look horribly bad when done wrong. When a bride requests a smokey eye, I say “sure!” because after all she’s the bride. But a smokey eye for a wedding is done completely different than when you’re going out to a club. Most weddings happens mid-afternoon when the sun is strongest. This is something to consider for wedding photography. The sun creates a lot of shadows, making the bride look like she has dark circles. Her eyes will also appear like black holes in the photos. Can we say scary?For my lovely bride Lauren, her theme was a princess wedding. You would think with a princess theme, her fair skin, and princess hair we’d go with soft and pretty makeup. However, she wanted Heidi Klum Victoria Secret-esque dramatic eyes with flirty lashes and lots of shimmer.

To make her dramatic eyes work for day, I mixed charcoal greys, whites, and blacks together on the eyes. The key to softening the look was to keep everything else soft, fresh and pretty. Usually when you do a smokey eye you apply a dark shade on the lid, medium shade in the crease, and lighter shade on the brow bone. Instead, I used a gradient technique across the lid – lighter shade in the inner corner, medium shade in the center, and darker shade in the outer crease. On the bottom lash line I skipped smudging a pencil liner and opted for a charcoal grey shadow for a softer effect. To avoid making her eyes look like black holes in the pictures, I lined her water line with a white pencil for a brightening effect. I also used lots of white shimmer in the inner corners, brow bones, and high planes of the cheeks. For her fake lashes, we decided a more dramatic lash would make her eyes stand out even more and they did! Again, the length and style are determined by your eye shape. Lauren’s eye shape could handle a heavy, yet feathery lash.

Because she is so fair, I contoured her cheekbones to make them stand out in photos. I used a brown contour powder but for someone fair you can also use a deeper coloured blush in pink-browns or rose. Her lips were kept soft and neutral so her eyes could be the focus.

What is your dream look for your wedding?


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