Joy Approved: Duo Adhesive


Lashes, lashes, lashes! We all want them and we want even more when we have them. Did you know that a study was done in Canada showing women feel more confident, beautiful and glamourous with a set of long, dark, full lashes? Faux lashes are no use though if you don’t have the right glue to work with. 

My BFF’s lovely eye with her fave pair of fake lashes!
In the many years that I’ve done makeup, I can’t count how often I’m asked to apply fake lashes. I’ve also tried a number of different glues but nothing comes close to Duo Lash Adhesive. A little story here:On the way to my friend’s wedding last summer, I realized that I had accidentally left my Duo Lash at another bride’s house. I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart and had to go with Quo’s brand of glue since the store doesn’t carry Duo. I had never tried the glue but thought how bad could it really be? I was already a fan of their line of fake lashes so I was sure the glue would be just as good.

I remember the moment of panic I had when I realized the Quo glue would not keep the lashes on. No matter how long I let it dry and get tacky, it wouldn’t adhere to the lash line. Minutes later, I had bridesmaids telling me their lashes were not staying on. Thankfully, one of the bridesmaid’s boyfriends was awesome enough to make a quick stop to the M.A.C. store to pick up some Duo. He saved the day and my heart started beating at a human rate again.

You would’ve thought I had learned my lesson. Just recently I used my client’s glue from Shu Uemura. It’s Shu – I know – and as an Asian company they know how important lashes are. Again, no matter how long I let it dry the lashes just wouldn’t stick. I wasted so much time taking off the glue and reapplying that I finally had to make a judgment call and used my Duo. After that, in seconds the lashes went on like a dream!

For fashion and beauty editorial, Duo is also used to apply jewels like crystals and other design accessories. It doesn’t irritate the eyes and as long as you use an eye makeup remover removes very easily. If you want lashes that won’t budge or move all day, then you need Duo in your life. Don’t make the same mistakes I did!

Do you use Duo Adhesive when applying your lashes? If not, is there another glue you would recommend?

Duo Adhesive retails for $9.50 CAD.


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