Joy Approved: M.A.C. White Frost Eye Shadow


Highlighting the skin is one of my favourite makeup techniques. Who doesn’t want to add more light and radiance to their face? The tricky thing with highlighting though is that you have to choose one that won’t make your skin look oily or create ‘hot spots’ in pictures.Depending on the person’s skin type I vary between powder, liquid and cream highlighters. I also use a few different shades for different skin tones. One shadow that I reach for frequently on fair to medium skin tones is myΒ M.A.C. White Frost eye shadow!


M.A.C. White Frost is used on these brides
I’ve only used White Frost on the eyes but I’m sure it would be beautiful along the cheekbones. Usually any frost shadow is BAD for photography, but I’ve found with the right brush it can add the perfect amount of highlight. One of my pet peeves in makeup is seeing girls with heavy frosty shadow on their brow bone. I think it looks tacky and outdated. If you go heavy with White Frost, it can look all wrong.When done right, White Frost just brightens up the whole eye area. I use it sometimes all over the lid as a base or just underneath the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eyes. My go-to brush for highlighting the brow bone is M.A.C.’s #217. It’s a white fluffy brush that is the perfect combo between soft and firm. I find if you use a flat brush it packs on the colour a lot denser and that’s not what you want under the brow bone. For the inner corner, I love using Murale’s pencil smudging brush. It fits perfectly in the inner corner and the point lines the bottom inner corner just right. It’s a bit denser but I don’t mind because you want the inner corner to pop. If there is too much colour, I usually just sweep my #217 brush over it until it’s blended more.

For medium-dark skin tones I usually use a peachy or champagne gold as a highlighter. It’s more flattering on warmer skin tones. To ensure your eyes won’t be a spotlight, I like to off-set the White Frost shadow with a matte shadow in the crease. Works every time!

What do you like to use as a highlighter? Do you have have a preference in textures?


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