Makeup 101: Day To Evening Makeup Lesson With Elaine

I love people who love to play with makeup and are eager to learn new techniques! It makes for a very informative and fun lesson. I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago of giving the lovely Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews a lesson on day to evening makeup. She isn’t exactly a makeup newbie and actually has a great background in colour theory. When someone wants a lesson for themselves, I want to be able to work with what is in her makeup bag and to make sure what she already owns really does work for her.

Elaine is an Avon’s sales rep on the side so the majority of her makeup stash was from Avon. I personally think Avon and mark. by Avon have a lot of great products. The majority of products we used were from her kit but I did use a few from mine that I suggested she own – immediately! 🙂


Elaine’s day look was very simple, clean, and fresh (sorry no Before photos!) I didn’t go outside of what she normally does on a daily basis in terms of colour. The focus was more on achieving a flawless face while saving time in the morning. Elaine overall has an amazing complexion but she did have a few pesky pimples she wanted covered and some sun spots that bothered her.

We of course started with a primer which I couldn’t stress enough of especially since she complained about her makeup disappearing throughout the day. I used her liquid foundation from Avon which worked really nicely on her skin, but in terms of coverage she needed a bit more. I suggested to save time in the morning, to either buy a med-to-full coverage foundation or just spot conceal with a cream concealer all over. Once the foundation was on, I spot concealed her problem areas with a heavier and creamier concealer. I then set it with her translucent powder from Avon.

On her eyes, I used neutral shimmery shades from her Avon quad that closely resembles the Chanel quads! Since she expressed that she had a problem with smudging and applying liner correctly, I used a water-proof gel-based brown liner from Sephora with an angled brush. These liners work great and I find with an angled brush and short brush strokes you have more control for achieving a well-defined eye.

We stuck with her pink blush from Avon that is a really pretty shade on her. Pink blush is one of my favourite shades to wear on the cheeks for a healthy glow and an instant perk-me-up. On her lips, we used pretty metallic pink lipstick from my kit and topped it off with a shimmery pink gloss. It’s the “no-makeup” makeup look – appropriate for everyday don’t you think? 

Photo courtesy of Elaine

Photo courtesy of Elaine
Alright, lets get to the fun stuff! Elaine isn’t scared to play with colour. She wanted something very dramatic with fake lashes. What says drama? Smokey eyes of course! She is used to wearing purples and greys so I suggested we do something navy blue to compliment her beautiful brown eyes.

When going from day to night, I always suggest wearing a neutral shadow because it will work with most shadow colours. I was able to layer the navy shades right over what she had on already. For everyday, her Avon shadows work great but are more on the sheer side. To give her eyes a real smokiness and to make the shadows stronger, I lined her lash line and lid with a navy blue khol pencil and smudged with a brush. I layered a blue-silver shadow over top from one of her Avon quads. For more depth, I layered a cobalt blue shade from NARS called, China Blue. I then lined her eyes with a black liner from Make Up For Ever and smudged a black shadow over top and into the crease. I also lined her waterline to complete the smokey eye and smudged China Blue on her bottom lash line. I then cut a pair of falsies she already owned in half and applied to the outer part of her lashes. The lashes still looked natural but definitely made her eyes pop even more!

I softened the pink blush and only used a matte bronzer on her cheeks and all over to give her skin some warmth. Elaine didn’t think she could wear bronzer because she hadn’t found one that looked natural on her. The key is to stick to golden undertones rather than orange (no Snooki please!) and to buff on with a big powder brush where the sun naturally hits you.

To keep the eyes, the focus I kept her lips soft in a peach shade from NARS and gave her some sexy shine with one of my favourite glosses, Chanel Glossimer in Beige Guitare.

Thankfully, Elaine loved her night look and is now one of her favourite looks! Now it’s all about the practicing! The one thing that Elaine doesn’t have to work on are her full, well-defined brows! Aren’t they phenomenal?? She was a pleasure to teach and is naturally beautiful. She’s also an up-coming beauty blogger – do check out her site for her awesome beauty reviews!

To read Elaine’s experience and for a full product listing check out her fantastic review here! Thanks Elaine!

What do you think of Elaine’s day to evening look? What are your day to evening makeup tips?


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