Makeup 101: Men’s Makeup With Shawn Desman & CARGO Cosmetics


Shawn Desman Junos 2011 Photo Credit: Much Music
If you’re a Canadian and a big music fan then you probably watched Canada’s version of the Grammy awards, the Junos, which aired in Toronto on March 27th. The Junos were not only celebrating Canada’s finest musicians but it was also the 40th anniversary! 

I had the wonderful pleasure of doing makeup with the awesome CARGO team – that was only half the fun. I was on-hand in the red carpet tent in case any stars needed touch ups! It was definitely the spot to be for celebrity sightings! A few celebrities I rubbed shoulders with: Shawn Desman, Danny Fernandez, Emily Hanes of Metric, Bare Naked Ladies, Kardinal, Down With Webster, Hedley, amazing host of the night Drake, Canadian icons Bryan Adams, Daniel Lanois, Shania Twain, Sarah Mclachlan, and the legendary Neil Young! 


Shawn and his dancers Photo Credit: Much Music
For the night, I was personal makeup artist to the hilarious and talented Canadian pop cutie, Shawn Desman, and his awesome dancers. Fellow CARGO artist, Arabella, did the makeup for Shawn’s lil’ bro and pop cutie, Danny Fernandez. The brothers and their dancers were incredibly sweet and funny. They put on a never-been-done-before red carpet performance that got the crowd fist pumping Jersey style!

Doing men’s makeup is not as easy as you would think. A challenge sometimes is making men look like they’re still men with a face of makeup on. It’s all about using the right products and using a very important technique: blending! 


Step 1: Make sure the client’s skin is properly cleansed. Guys skin can especially get greasy and sweaty more frequently. I used a non-rinse cleanser that you can wipe off with a tissue or cotton pad. (Note: Do NOT use cotton pads on men that have facial hair or stubble or you’ll end up with little fuzz balls all over the face!)

Step 2: After applying an oil-free moisturizer, I used CARGO’s blu_ray High Definition Mattifier ($28 CAD) which preps the skin for makeup and mattifies the skin at the same time. This is one of my favourite mattifying primers and is a kit staple for me! It leaves the skin feeling smooth and minimizes the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and pores.

Step 3: Skin issues that most men have are oily skin with big pores and razor bumps. Thankfully the guys had fairly good skin with a bit of redness. All that was needed to even out the skin was CARGO’s blu_ray Concealer ($28 USD). I applied it only where it was needed: middle of the forehead, eyelids, under eyes, around the nose and mouth, cheeks, and chin. It’s light-weight but still offers great coverage without looking heavy. The only complaint I have is that it needs to come in more shades.

Step 4: I buffed CARGO’s blu_ray Pressed Powder ($32 CAD) into the skin for a natural finish and applied it heavier over blemishes and around the eyes. This powder adds a bit of coverage without the powdery, cakey finish. I need to pick up more of these for my kit!

Step 5: To give them a “manly” bronzed glow, I contoured the face with CARGO’s blu_ray Bronzer ($30 CAD). It has a matte finish which is perfect for men. The bronzer comes in one shade and suits most skin tones. This is also a staple in my kit!

Step 6: Guys lips can certainly get chapped and dry. To avoid a shiny, goopy finish on the lips I used CARGO’s PlantLove Lip Balm ($20 CAD). It’s ultra-moisturizing, all-natural, and doesn’t leave a shiny, sticky finish. For a lip balm, it’s pretty expensive considering you use it everyday which means it doesn’t last as long. I like the all-natural factor, but with daily use (and I have really dry lips) the balm only lasted for maybe a month. There are many all-natural lip balms on the market that are much cheaper, but if you like CARGO it’s a great balm! 

Overall, a guy’s makeup should never look made up or powdery. To give the skin a natural quality and to tone down overdone makeup either by removing with a sponge or applying a setting spray all over the face.

Have you tried these products from CARGO’s blu_ray line?


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