Makeup 101: The Importance of Layering


Ever wonder how celebs walk the red carpet looking picture-perfect and still look amazing after hours of partying? A technique most often used by makeup artists is layering. You may have to sit in the chair for an hour or more, but if you know you’ll be taking plenty of photos all day it’s worth it!

Here are some tips and tricks for long-lasting makeup for everyday or a special event:

  • Cleanse and Moisturize: You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again – flawless makeup starts with good skin. Always start with a clean face and moisturize with your favourite lotion. If your skin is not moisturized, the makeup will not blend properly and sit on top of any flaky skin on the surface. Even if you have oily skin, it is important to moisturize with an oil-free lotion. If you don’t moisturize oily skin, your skin will overcompensate and produce more oil. If you wear a serum, always apply after cleansing and before moisturizing.
  • Good Foundation, Concealer and Loose Setting Powder: I was a big believer in primers. When primers were all the rage I jumped right on that band wagon. After working alongside a celebrity makeup artist, I’ve learned that makeup stays on better when it’s on your skin. The only time I will use a primer now is if my client has really scarred skin from acne. After you apply your foundation and concealer, always set your makeup with a translucent powder. This took me some time to get used to because I used to only apply a light dusting of powder. Now that I have perfected the technique, it really makes a difference in the longevity of your makeup. Don’t worry if you look too powdery in the beginning – your skin will eventually absorb it and your natural skin will come through. 
  • Eye Shadow Bases: All I use to prime the eyes is concealer and a good patting of loose powder. To create more intensity and for a lasting effect, I use a variety of eye shadow bases from creams, to gels, to kohl pencils.  If I am doing a smokey eye, I like to apply a cream or gel shadow base on the lid and into the crease followed by powder shadow in a similar shade blended over top. Sometimes I add it only to the outer corner and apply a powder shadow over top to create some dimension. With a layering of shadow bases with a powder shadow, your eyes will look flawless all day and night!
  • Mixing Powder and Cream Blushes: If you don’t want to look washed out in photos, blush is the key to bringing life to your face. Most weddings take place during the hot, sweaty season of summer so making sure your blush doesn’t slide off is essential. I love to layer gel or cream-based blushes underneath a powder blush. Make sure your blush is properly blended so it doesn’t look overwhelming in person or in photos.  For a slimming effect, apply the cream blush in the contours of the cheek and then blend a powder blush over top and lightly on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Layering Lip Products: If you find long-lasting lip colours too drying, layer a few different lip products together to create a similar finish that won’t dry the lips out. I like to start with a primer that neutralizes the lips and prevents lip glosses or lipsticks from bleeding and feathering. I then line the entire mouth in a natural shade or one closest to the lip colour. I then take the desired lip shade and fill the lips in with a lip brush for precise application. Some brides prefer gloss over lipstick but I always recommend doing a lipstick then dabbing gloss just in the center for a nice shimmer and to give the illusion of fuller lips.
  • Other Tools: There are other tools to help make your makeup last all day. Transforming liquids transform powder shadows or loose pigments into a long-lasting shadow or liner. Fake lashes also give you dramatic eyes that will last (when applied properly) and look amazing in photos. Face sprays that are used after your makeup has been applied will not only set your makeup but will create a natural finish.

If you’re planning to do your own makeup for your wedding day, I recommend playing around with the layering technique. 

How do you achieve long-lasting makeup?


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