Prince William and Kate Middelton: Wedding of the Decade!


I know most of you brides are thinking that your wedding will be the wedding of the decade, but it’s not everyday a royal wedding happens! If you’re planning the princess wedding of your dreams, you can thank Prince William and Kate Middleton for a lot of inspiration. 

On April 29, all eyes will be on these royal lovebirds. I don’t know about you but all I want to see is her dress, hair and makeup – you know all the important stuff. From the tiaras, to who will be designing her wedding dress no details will be missed.

I love the Monique Lhuillier design, but it’s been rumoured that she’ll most likely go with a British designer.

Based on her regular choice of dresses, she seems to like the form-fitting ones. She’s a petite woman so I can see her going with a sleek, edgy wedding dress. But who knows – maybe she’ll play up on the princess role!

As for hair and makeup, Kate is a girl-next-door all natural beauty. For the most part, she tends to keep her makeup fairly natural and glams it up with black liner. Her hair is always done and has a nice natural wave to it. On her wedding day, I would love her to do something really glamorous and polished. Flawless luminous skin, black liquid liner, lots of flirty but natural-looking lashes, and maybe a rosier lip with a gorgeous up-do.

What are your predictions for Kate’s wedding day look? Are you following all this royal wedding madness or could you care less? 

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