More Behind-the-Scenes: Final Shots Eco-Chic Bride Photo Shoot Winner


Carey Ann, our photographer, delivered the photos the next day! Now that’s an amazing turn around time – thanks Carey! Here are more behind-the-scene shots with Monica and some of the final look. Enjoy! To view previous shots from the shoot click here.



Lovely products sponsored by Revolution Organics. The Freedom Glow Beauty Balms are amazing! I used Blushed, a bright pink, on Monica’s cheeks and lips.


Ultra moisturizing all natural Freedom Glosses from Revolution Organics. I used Innocent on Monica (far left).


Hair products sponsored by Schwartzkopf Essensity Eco line.


Final look almost done!


Applying Blushed Beauty Balm to the apples of her cheek. Gives such a beautiful glow and highly pigmented!

PictureJust thought this was a cool shot!


Brianne giving her “Texas” hair! lol

LOVE this shot! Checking out the final look.

PictureFinal shot 1 – gorgeous!


This is my favourite shot – she’s got such a great smile!

Photo Credit: All photography by Carey Ann Photography. I highly recommend her!



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