Bachelorette Ideas: Pole Dancing & What To Wear

Bachelorette parties have become so much more than just getting wasted and dancing the night away with your girlfriends. Bridesmaids are getting more creative and adding new elements to the bride’s wild night. Instead of wrapping their legs around some random drunken guy, the girls are wrapping themselves around a pole. Yes, that’s right – a pole. Over the last few years, pole dancing studios have become a hot spot for bachelorette parties and more.


Photo Courtesy of Brass Vixens.

Pole dancing is a great way for the gals to unleash their inner “vixen” and learn some new moves to impress their significant other. Dancing a pole is a lot harder than you think. It is a MAJOR workout and requires a lot of upper body strength (not that I’ve tried but I’ve heard).


Photo Courtesy of Brass Vixens.

Bridesmaids, if you’re planning the bachelorette night check out pole dancing studio Brass Vixenslocated 721 Queen Street West Suite 202.

Now that you’ve booked your party, what to wear right? You could go bare faced, but you might as well look like a bombshell while your upside down hanging onto a pole right? Here are some ideas that will keep you looking like a smudgy, sweaty schlep!

Picture1. Fashion-forward athletic wear from Lulu Lemon, 2. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Shadow Pencil is sweat and crease-proof, 3. Becca Beach Tints can be worn on the lips and won’t slip or smear on the cheeks, 4. Clinique Chubby Sticks for a little colour and shine 5. Maybelline Precision Liquid Liner for a sexy winged liner that won’t smear or budge


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