Celebrity Gossip: The Latest Engagements!


The holidays is always a popular time for popping the question. Congratulations to all the brides that said “yes” over the holidays! It was only a matter time before news of the latest celebrity engagements were announced. Aww, so special right? But let’s be honest, weren’t you just a little shocked by some of them?


Photo Source: InStyle.com

Sorry ladies, JT is OFF the market! This was the biggest shocker. These two have been on-and-off for four years, but I guess Justin finally realized Jessica was the only one who could bring “sexy back”. Shall we start predictions now of how long their marriage will last? Yes! I give them a year tops, but I hope I’m wrong!

As for hair and makeup predictions, Jessica is known for her wholesome all-American girl-next-door look. I think she will stick to a classic blushing bride look – flawless skin and neutral makeup with a pop of soft pink on the cheeks and lips. I can see her doing all down and wavy or half-up and wavy.


Photo Source: InStyle.com

I have a girl crush on Drew Barrymore, but I gotta say her choices in men have always been questionable (except Fabrizio from The Strokes) – Tom Green? Really?! To be honest, I like most of the world did not even know she was dating. I thought she was still on-and-off with funny man, Justin Long. I really hope 3 times a charm for her because she deserves some forever happiness.My predictions for hair and makeup? Although her everyday style is boho chic, I think she’ll stick to Old Hollywood glamour with a simple yet elegant up-do.


Photo Source: InStyle.com

You gotta feel for Britney. She’s been through hell and back. I hope this time around will be for real. I think she’s finally got it together. There was some buzz about an engagement, so it was no surprise that he popped the question during the holiday.

I pray to God Britney will have the sense to hire the top hair stylist and makeup artist in the biz! It’s time we see Britney looked put together sans the exposed hair extension and smudgy makeup. I predict she’ll go with a smokey eye and nude lips. Hair will be lots of volume, wavy curls, and all down or half up.

What do you think of the latest celebrity engagements? What are your predictions?



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