Joy Approved: Skin Savers

Every makeup artist will tell you that having good skin is important. Investing in the right type of skincare is equally important. As much as we want to dive in and apply the craziest colours on you, nothing will look good if you’re skin isn’t in proper order.

Before applying makeup to my clients, I always make sure their skin is properly cleansed, moisturized, and primed. Starting with a clean canvas will only enhance the beauty of the makeup. Read on to see what some of my favourite skin savers are!


1. CoverFX Clean FX ($24 CAD): Before receiving Clean FX, I was testing out an all-in-one cleanser from Marcelle that did not require rinsing. It cleansed and it toned the skin, but I found I needed to go over the skin at least 3 times to make sure all the makeup was gone. Another down side was that it did not remove water-proof mascara. Prior to this, I had always carried face wipes in my kit but I found I would go through them so quickly.As soon as I tried Clean FX, I was immediately happy with it. This cleansing mousse cleans, hydrates and tones the skin. It also does not require rinsing making it perfect for travel and on-the-job. It is PH balanced and works for all skin types especially sensitive skin. It’s free of alcohol, soap, fragrance, and colourant. The best part? It removes long-wearing and water-resistant products!

It dispenses more like a light foam than a mousse but is easy to work into the skin. It quickly and effectively removes makeup. All you need is 2-3 pumps on a cotton pad to clean the face. I do a separate cleansing just for the eyes. After makeup is removed, your skin feels refreshed and smooth.

One of my clients forgot her regular cleanser and was concerned to use Clean FX because her skin is highly sensitive. She has to use cortisone cream to fight a rash. I tested a small patch on her skin and after a few minutes she didn’t react! Her skin was in superb condition the rest of the night. She even asked me again what cleanser I used. Her favourite part was that she didn’t have to rinse her skin after making it perfect for her jet-set lifestyle!

Overall, I feel $24 is a pretty decent value. I used to use the MAC wipes which are $31 CAD and went through them pretty quickly. I’ve been using the Clean FX since March and there is still plenty left in the bottle. However, I don’t use this on a daily basis but I don’t really consider this a daily cleanser. It’s better for traveling or when you need a quick cleanse.

2. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector ($22 CAD): If you have drier or dehydrated skin and suffer from big pores you will love this product. I recently started using this on my clients and I love the results. I only apply this where pores are visible. It acts as a primer and works wonderfully under makeup. Pores appear visibly smaller and smoother. It has a nice natural matte finish, although it doesn’t totally mattify the skin making it perfect for dehydrated skin. You can wear alone, under Cliniques Pore Refining Serum, under and over makeup. Now that summer is around the corner, this is definitely a skin saver especially for all you brides!

3. Benefit Porefessional ($28 USD): This pore refiner works amazing but is much pricier than Clinique’s version. I think it’s because of the cute packaging. I find this one works really well on skin that is very oily. I made the mistake of applying this all over the skin as a primer on my bride before I realized her skin was oily but dehydrated. It ended up mattifying her skin way too much and the finish of the foundation looked too powdery. It was also hard to blend makeup on the skin. I ended up using this on someone extremely oily all over and the results were perfect. Her skin was nicely mattified but didn’t make her skin look like she was zapped of moisture.

What are your skin savers?

Products were sent for editorial consideration and I truly love them.


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