Wedding Series: Wedding Planning 101 With Berlyn Lai: Do’s and Don’ts

As Seen In Photographer: Carey Ann Photography, Hair: Emily Pike, Makeup: Joy David-Tilberg

As Seen In Photographer: Carey Ann Photography, Hair: Emily Pike, Makeup: Joy David-Tilberg

There is no such thing as a “wedding season” anymore. Winter and fall weddings are becoming more popular among couples who adore a more rustic, romantic theme. Starting today, I will be starting a wedding series interviewing top experts in the industry to help couples everywhere with tips to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

First up is wedding planner, Berlyn Lai, of BLoved Events giving you tips on the do’s and don’ts when finding a wedding planner. I will feature 4 daily tips from Berlyn covering everything from planning to decor to kick off the wedding series!


Do meet your wedding planner in person. Personality is key as you’re going
to be spending a lot of time with your planner. You need to like them and
they should even be someone you would be friends with.
Do make sure your wedding planner is certified, anyone can say they are
an event or wedding planner but a professional will have the credentials to
back it up. In Canada, look out for the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada
Do proper research about a planner before booking them. Understand how
their services can fit into your needs and make sure you get everything in
writing, your planner must have a full contract.
Do consult your other half – it’s his/her wedding also!
Do ask your friends or other vendors for recommendations on a good
wedding planner – i.e. if you attended a wedding and it seemed well planned,
find out if a planner was behind-the-scenes.


Don’t hire a friend or a relative, unless they are a professional certified
wedding planner. See above note in the “Do” section.
Don’t count on a planner to get you “discounts”. Often he/she may have
connections with various vendors, and these connections could possibly save
you money, but don’t base who you are hiring on this.
Don’t hire a planner just because their services were the cheapest. Like
everything else in life, you get what you pay for.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of something, ask! Your
planner is there to guide you through what to expect during your wedding
planning journey.
Don’t procrastinate in your planning. The average wedding takes about 250
hours to plan, hire your wedding planner as soon as possible so they can help
you put together the wedding of your dreams.

About Berlyn Lai


Berlyn Lai, is the owner and founder of BLoved Events. Berlyn has a fresh perspective on wedding design and collaborates with her couples to find out what they love and how they want to celebrate their story. She loves finding the perfect details, decor and personal touches to make their day unique by drawing out those elements indicative of them as a couple.


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