Wedding Series: Berlyn Lai Dishes On How To Deal With Wedding Stress


Planning a wedding is a huge production from choosing a venue, flowers, invitations, and of course the wedding dress of your dreams. It would make any sane person go bat-crazy (which is why the hubby and I did City Hall). But when the special day comes, it’s beautiful and one of the most cherished memories a bride will ever have. Until that moment comes, wedding planner Berlyn Lai of BLoved Events, shares tips on how to stay stress-free and organized.

  • Prioritize what’s important to you – is it photography? the venue? the dress? those letterpress invitations? Work on your budget and stick to it. Don’t buy that Monique Lhuillier dress if it’s not within your budget, stay within your price range. Don’t forget that’s why working with a wedding planner will help you maintain your budget, as they would not make recommendations that fall outside of it.
  • Pace Yourself – take everything one step at a time and pace yourself. Trying to do every thing at once will no doubt create more stress for you. With the help of a wedding planner, have them do the research and make recommendations so all you have to do is make decisions on what you want for your wedding.
  • Remember your love – when things get stressful and the planning gets challenging, take a break and go on a date and remember why you’re embarking on this journey together.
  • Ask for help whether it’s from your other half, your bridal party, your family or from a professional. You’re one person, and you probably have a full time job so no one expects you to do it all by yourself.

About Berlyn Lai


Berlyn Lai, is the owner and founder of BLoved Events. Berlyn has a fresh perspective on wedding design and collaborates with her couples to find out what they love and how they want to celebrate their story. She loves finding the perfect details, decor and personal touches to make their day unique by drawing out those elements indicative of them as a couple.


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