Wedding Series: Tips For The Budget-Friendly Bride With Berlyn Lai


Most brides dream about their wedding their whole life so when it comes to planning, finding a balance between what you dream of and what you can afford can be difficult. What bride doesn’t want a 3 carat diamond, Dior wedding gown, and sparkly Loubies? For some (or most) of us, that just can’t be a reality but that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to have the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding planner, Berlyn Lai from BLoved Events, knows better than anyone how to stick to a couple’s budget. She shares her tips on what to splurge and save on!

Put your actual budget together and prioritize what’s important to you. In addition to that, here are a few tips you could consider:

  • Be flexible about your wedding date. Saturdays are the popular and most common choice but consider a Friday or Sunday wedding to get better pricing on these less common days. Also consider getting married off-season (November-February) and you could save some money.
  • Save on items less important to you – perhaps it’s centerpieces and floral arrangements, consider doing something simpler with candles and tea lights that could really brighten up your venue but at a much lower cost.
  • Consider a brunch/lunch wedding instead, or perhaps a buffet meal.
  • DIY projects are a great idea and often provide those crafty brides a creative outlet and a way to save money. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family.

Ask yourself about a wedding you’ve attended, what did you remember most from it? Was it the food, DJ, centerpieces? How do you want people to remember your wedding? That’s how you prioritize and focus on what’s a reflection of you as a couple. Are you both foodies? Spend a bit more on a nicer menu and cut out that photo booth from your budget.

Don’t forget that you could also consult with a wedding planner if you can’t afford to hire them for full planning or day-of coordination. And if you do decide to hire a planner, sometimes there is no greater savings than the stress-relief and peace of mind a professional wedding planner offers.

About Berlyn Lai


Berlyn Lai, is the owner and founder of BLoved Events. Berlyn has a fresh perspective on wedding design and collaborates with her couples to find out what they love and how they want to celebrate their story. She loves finding the perfect details, decor and personal touches to make their day unique by drawing out those elements indicative of them as a couple.


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