The Word of the Day: Efficient (IMATS 2014)


It doesn’t matter how much makeup I have already; IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) for me is an event I just can’t miss. If you didn’t know already, IMATS is just around the corner happening this weekend, November 22 and 23. As soon as last year’s was over and done, I was already counting down to this year’s. It’s like Christmas for me and for so many other makeup artists. Over the years I have heard some makeup artists say it’s not that good and could be better; but you just can’t deny the energy you feel when you step inside. Stick a whole bunch of creatives in one place with a booths upon booths of makeup products and tools and the excitement is just contagious.

The word of the day is ‘efficient’. I am on a serious mission and have devised a plan to avoid as many lines as possible (I believe my somewhat OCD husband has rubbed off on me ha!). Yes, I will be there as soon as the doors open and will head to the booths that are typically the busiest mid-day first thing.

Not only is my goal to have an efficient shopping day, but I’ve realized my kit is not so efficient and needs a major overhaul. A lot of what I plan to buy may not be that exciting to a regular beauty lover, but the thought of streamlining my kit somewhat has me giddy! I will be doing the usual restocking of tools, but adding some new goodies to the mix.

I will probably be so focused on getting through my list so if you see me whizzing by, please stop me in my tracks and say ‘hi’! Seeing old faces and meeting new ones is another reason I love going. I also plan on catching a few keynote speakers like Eve Pearl! Stay tuned to see what I added to my kit to make me more ‘efficient’ at my job!

What are you looking forward to at this year’s IMATS in Toronto? What’s on your list?