The Joy of Makeup Has Had A Face Lift!

I’m really excited to launch my new logo and banner especially since I designed it myself! I  created 9 designs and this one ended up being the winner. While my last one was fun, it didn’t really reflect the overall feel of my site. I was getting sick of it and wanted something more classic and timeless. There will be more new things to come! I’d love to hear what you think so be sure to leave your feedback!

Thank you to all my beautiful clients for all your support!





Early Maternity Leave

It looks like baby #2 has decided that mommy was working too much and it’s time to slow down. Well, what baby wants baby gets! It’s a bitter sweet moment to accept that I have to stop working, but it”s a rest that I know me and the baby need in order to bring him into this world healthy and strong!

I’ve been ordered by the doctor to be on bed rest until the baby is due. His original due date is in August so I’m hoping he can hold on until then. But when baby wants to come baby will come!

To my clients: I am deeply sorry if I have had to cancel on you or are not able to work with you in the time frame you need. Some things are just out of our hands and I so appreciate your understanding in this matter. I do hope we can work together in the future!

I will keep you all posted on our progress and when I will be returning to what I love doing best! So far, baby and I are doing well and I’m optimistic everything will turn out fine. Thank you to everyone for your incredible support and love through this difficult time. Trying to make the best of it! Have an amazing summer everyone!

Much love,
Joy xo