On The List: IMATS 2013 November 9 & 10

It’s almost that time of year again when makeup artists in the Toronto/GTA area flock to the International Makeup Show with our lists ready to go and cash in hand. This year, my experience will be a little different than previous years. I won’t just be dishing out the money but I’ll be working the show too at the Minked Lashes booth 101! Come visit our booth for the unveiling of a new line of mink lashes. They are absolutely beautiful!


During my break(s), this is what I’ll be shopping for. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve probably seen my photos of my kit reorganization. I’ve created 3 kits: one for bridal, one for tv and one for fashion.


I think this is the best way for me to use what I need and be efficient rather than taking everything I own! Luckily I have doubles (and some triples) of most things, but have had to buy a few extras.

The setup.

The setup.

I’ve started working as a makeup artist at The Shopping Channel and I’ve come to realize that some products used for my bridal or fashion work just don’t work for HDTV.

1. bdellium Brushes (the “b” is silent): I love bdellium brushes and need to add a few more to my collection particularly their precision lip brush, finishing powder brush and precision blush brush. I am still debating if I want the yellow or pink bamboo handles. Maybe I’ll just have to get 1 of each. 😀

2. Beauty Blender Sponges: I haven’t been able to find a place that sells these in bulk without a crazy shipping fee or that sells in Canada. These are great at applying foundation flawlessly when used wet. When working in HD, streaky foundation from a brush is a no-no. I like to use the brush to apply the foundation all over and then use the sponge wet to blend out the edges and smooth out any streaks. I’m usually working on multiple people in a row so having a few on hand will save me time from having to wash in between.


3/4. Eve Pearl HD Foundation/Salmon Concealer Pro Palette Refill: A few weeks ago, Eve Pearl had a Pro Artist day and had an amazing deal on the HD Pro Palette which includes 12 foundations, 6 salmon concealers, 3 cream blushes, 1 mattifier, 1 highlighter, and 1 lip treatment. It’s on sale right now for $250 but I was able to take off an additional $150 on the pro artist day! I LOVE this palette because it is such a great space saver. The empty pans can be used for mixing or for adding more refills. The texture is medium to full coverage but can be easily sheered out. It suits all skin tones from very fair to very dark. It’s important for skin to look like skin on HD because the camera can pick up and amplify texture. I love that you can keep layering and it still doesn’t look cakey. The salmon concealer, which is what Eve Pearl is known for (and it doesn’t hurt that she is a 5 time Emmy Award winning makeup artist) is so amazing under eyes with very deep undertones and bags. It also covers redness really well and is ideal for sensitive skin. I plan on picking up a few more refills of the shades I use the most. One tip I would suggest: be sure to prime or moisturize the skin really well before applying the foundation otherwise the skin can flake.

Eve Pearl will be at The Shopping Channel this Wednesday. I’m totally bummed I won’t be working but I hope to meet her at the show!

5. Stilazzi Clear Set Bag: I’ve come to admire the amazing hosts that I am lucky to work with at The Shopping Channel. They are on-air for 3 hours straight featuring 3-4 different brands with barely any breaks. When I’m on set, I have literally seconds to touch up the hosts and guest hosts which means I have to have my products easily accessible without dropping them! I’ve been using my MAC tool belt on set and while it’s great for holding your brushes it can’t really hold much else. I will definitely be picking up a clear set bag from Stilazzi at the Blur Makeup Room/yaby booth 306. This way I can carry a few brushes with me, blotting papers, my Kett HD pressed powder, tissue, q-tips, sponges, blush, and lip products.

If you’re coming to IMATS Toronto at the Metro Convention Center, be sure to stop by booth 101 and say hi and shop! I’ll be applying Minked Lashes. I’d love to hear what’s on your shopping list! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, click on this link and see you there!

Oh hi there! It’s been a while…A Recap

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve updated my blog! It’s been a crazy few months with work and family life, but I’m not complaining. All I can say is I’m thankful for good clients, great friends and a healthy family.

Besides being busy with weddings, I’ve had some published work and helped organize another workshop with Blur Makeup Room (more on this fabulous pro store later) for celebrity makeup artist and someone I consider a mentor, Lucky Bromhead. Here’s a little recap!

Makeup: Lucky Bromhead, Photographer: Wade Hudson

Makeup: Lucky Bromhead, Photographer: Wade Hudson

The macro beauty masterclass with Lucky was one not to be missed. We learned some really valuable tips and techniques on how to perfect the skin for extremely close photography. So, it turns out she’s pretty ah-MAZING with a brush. Lucky is pretty entertaining and hilarious to boot, but you will be in awe of her beautiful creations. 


One thing that really stood out for me is something I’ve always tried to practice when doing beauty work, but seeing her technique and the end results really stuck with me. Skin should look like skin. She recommended using the yaby Liquid Foundations or M.A.C.’s Face & Body. Lucky also likes to use a sponge much like the Beauty Blender to apply foundation.


She finds with a brush you can see streaks left on the skin in macro photography. Lucky is also big on highlighters like the ones from Face Atelier. These silicone-base liquids are great for mixing in foundations. Another very important point is that working with a really good model is key. Tia was amazing because she knew there were certain moments she couldn’t move her mouth or close her eyes. If you’re doing something that is lip focused choose someone with good lips and so forth. Oh and don’t be surprised if you have to break out some Nair to get peach fuzz under control! Only in the name of beauty and the money shot. To view more from the workshop visit Makeup by Lucky’s Facebook Page!


Wade Hudson, a highly sought after photographer and the one who shot Lucky’s macro work was also at the class to give some advice on the industry and what he looks for in a makeup artist. In the above photo, he is explaining his retouching process. He also believes that skin should look like skin. His pet peeve with some photographers is when the pores are blurred out completely using Gaussian Blur. An amazing makeup artist makes his job easier, but the skin still needs some perfecting in Photoshop. He showed us how he takes out imperfections without completely blurring out the skin.


The workshop was hosted by Toronto’s newest pro artist store, Blur Makeup Room! It is home to some of my all-time favourite brands like yaby (Liz Yu, owner of Blur and creator of yaby cosmetics), Face Atelier, bdellium tools, Embryolisse, Glamcor, Kim Greene, and much more. If you’re a working artist in the industry, you get a 20% artist discount. Sweet right? This store is a godsend for artists everywhere, but might be the death of my bank account. I can’t help but pick something up every time I visit! I will have to share my hauls in another post. And if you’re not in Toronto you can pick up some kit essentials by visiting the online store!

If you’ve missed this workshop, don’t worry. Blur plans to do workshops on a regular basis. Yay! So get your learn on because one can never stop learning. 😉

On to the next! One thing about doing published work is that you can’t share it until it gets – PUBLISHED. I have a lot more that will be published in the next few months but here is the latest. I am so happy I got to work with these two talented twins – yes twins – of Jane & Jane who both just happen to love photography. Be on the look out for these two ladies – they are going to take the fashion world by storm!

Photographer: Jane and Jane, Hair: Emily Pike, Makeup: Joy David-Tilberg, Stylist, Joanne Jin, Model: Clhoe (Plutino Group/Chantale Nadeau)

Photographer: Jane and Jane, Hair: Emily Pike, Makeup: Joy David-Tilberg, Stylist, Joanne Jin, Model: Clhoe (Plutino Group/Chantale Nadeau)

This is my favourite shot from the editorial. The story was featured on JURIED – check out the full story here. Stay tuned for another shoot I did with Jane & Jane that will be published soon!

Toronto Masterclass With International Makeup Artist Julie Bégin!







If you’re a makeup artist then you probably recognize this lovely face. Julie Bégin is an international makeup artist who has worked with major fashion designers, celebrities, and magazines. If you’re a fan of Cirque de Soleil OVO then you have definitely seen her work. She contributed creations for 50 insect-inspired characters! I first fell in love with Julie’s Annabelle Cosmetics work flipping through my favourite fashion mags.


Julie will be holding her highly sought-after pro master classes in Toronto this Saturday, April 6! I am truly bummed out that I will not be able to attend, but if you’re available and serious about makeup artistry this is a must-attend! Please click on this link for information and to reserve your seat.

Although I won’t be able to attend, I’m super stoked to chat with her on the phone next week! Stay tuned!


UPDATED: New Work: Cait (Peggi Lepage)

UPDATED: There are a few more images of Cait so you’ll be seeing more updates! Again, I included the original and one with a bluish tint. Which one do you prefer?

Photographer: Therese De Jesus (ARTIESE), Hair/MUA: Joy David-Tilberg, Model: Cait (Peggi Lepage)

Photographer: Therese De Jesus (ARTIESE), Hair/MUA: Joy David-Tilberg, Model: Cait (Peggi Lepage)

Love getting to finally see the final shots of past beauty shoots especially on a snowy, blustery day like today! So loving these shots of the gorgeous Cait from Peggi Lepage! I hope these have you thinking Spring. I chose to do navy liner, blue and gold shadows, golden skin and pale pink/lavender lips. Therese (ARTIESE) is a phenomenal photographer. She sent me the original and one with a blue tint. I love them both – what do you think?

Photographer: Therese De Jesus (ARTIESE), Hair/MU: Joy David-Tilberg, Model: Cait (Peggi Lepage)

Photographer: Therese De Jesus (ARTIESE), Hair/MU: Joy David-Tilberg, Model: Cait (Peggi Lepage)

Product Breakdown:

Face: Benefit Hello Flawless! Foundation, Cover FX Total Cream Foundation as concealer

Eyes: CARGO Oceana Ball Palette designed by Jackie Gideon, NARS China Blue, Dior, Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Brows: Clarins Brow Kit and Double Fix Mascara

Cheeks: Dior Diorskin Nude Glow Sun Powder 001, Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter

Lips: OCC Lip Tars in Feathered and Narcissus, Maybelline Vivids in Pink Pop